Scam Man & Robbin

Scam Man & Robbin’ is a retro online game created by PensionBee, Smart Pension, AgeWage, Nutmeg and JMAN to raise awareness of pension scams. 

It’s the result of the first ever Pension Scams Hackathon, which took place last November, and brought together brilliant minds from across the UK’s “pentech” industry. The Hackathon challenged the companies to work together for the good of the consumer, with the aim of creating an online concept that raises awareness of pension scams in both an engaging and educational way.

Scam Man & Robbin’ is a five-minute game that aims to tackle the rapid increase in pension scams by casting the player in the role of ‘Scam Man’, a vigilante whose main objective is to protect people’s pensions from scams. Scam Man must correctly identify six of the most common pension scams by shining his torch on them to destroy them, as well as collecting six corresponding bonuses that can help protect savers’ pensions. The game challenges some common misconceptions which may initially seem positive about a pension scheme, such as guaranteed high returns or an offer of free advice, but may in fact be the hallmarks of a scam. 

The launch comes as Action Fraud, the UK’s national reporting centre for fraud and cybercrime, announced in March that coronavirus-related fraud reports had increased by 400%. To help highlight the new risks that face pension savers of all ages, a coronavirus-specific scam has been included within Scam Man & Robbin’, warning consumers against moving a pension to a fund that guarantees coronavirus protection and high returns during periods of economic uncertainty. Other scams featured in the game include cold calls, early pension release and pressure to make an immediate decision. 

In addition to the game itself, the pentechs have launched a website,, where consumers can find out more information on the most common pension scams, learn how to protect themselves and discover where they can turn for help should they suspect a scam. 

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